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Modern Thyroid Medicine

If you want to learn more about thyroid health and how it affects the rest of your body, you must listen to this information-packed episode. I talk with McCall McPherson about all things thyroid — what the thyroid gland does, the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, Hashimoto’s, and more. The information you get from this episode might just help you improve your overall health so it’s definitely worth a listen!

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Download Your 2018 Resolution Buster Book Bundle Now!

I’ve joined together with some of the top health and wellness experts to offer you the Resolution Buster Book Bundle…for FREE. Valued at over $500, this bundle of books not only gives you the tools to help you get started on your goals, but also provides access and content to some of the best leaders in the industry to help you stay on track throughout the entire year.

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Saying Goodbye to 2017 in True Alignment Fashion

As I sit here, the last day of December, the last day of 2017, I am definitely in a reflective mood. At the beginning of the month I declared on social media that December was going to be the best month of the year for me. December is typically my worst. The holidays, past memories, my birthday, all create an enormous amount of stress and strife for me- always have. So, I, instead decided to CHOOSE a different mindset this year going into the month.

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A Toolbox To Help You Live a Healthy Life

Want to learn how your genes can help you make the right choices for your health? Dr. Erika Gray and I discuss how genetic testing can help us develop a healthy lifestyle action plan. We also talk about striking a balance between being a mom and having a successful business.

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Living More Naturally In The Modern World

Do you like eating dairy or gluten, but can’t tolerate it? Sarica Cernohous and I talk about traditional cooking and food preparation methods and how this can be the answer to food intolerance. We also talk about raising happy and healthy kids by nurturing them with real food.

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Moms Raising Vibrant Children

Do you want to become a more confident and empowered mom? In this episode, Amanda Hinman and I talk about how to get out of overwhelm and create a healthy environment for our entire family. We also talk about the constant shifts that we can make to create a healthy and happy environment for our children.

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How EMF’s are Affecting Our Kids’ Future Health

Do you realize that your cell phone and other gadgets you use affect your health? In this episode, I have a fascinating interview with Nic Pineault about EMFs — electromagnetic fields. The information you will glean from this interview is not meant to alarm you, but to help you protect yourself and your children.

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How Can We Possibly Be Lonely in Today’s World ?

This is my first special edition episode and the topic is quite heavy. Loneliness is seldom talked about, but it’s an important topic. In this episode, I’m sharing my experiences with loneliness and letting you know that it’s okay to talk about it.

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What Breast Cancer Teaches You About Love- Part 2

Holly Bertone is a breast cancer and Hashimoto survivor who is passionate about helping others. In the first part of this two-part series, she talked about her autoimmune disease and her book, Thriving with Autoimmune Disease in the Workplace. In this episode, she will talk about her breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and celebrating her seventh year as a survivor.

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Are You Ready To Pull Your Holiday Hair Out??!!

If they hear one more word about how STRESSFUL the Holidays are supposed to be?!!!

I am with you. I honestly don’t need the reminder that this time of year is getting pretty hectic, there is added pressures, no time to eat right and exercise, overindulging in all the tempting treats, not to mention the financial strain of the holidays and trying to entertain the kids over winter break! (I need more wine just thinking about it)

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The Certainty of Uncertainty; Mindfulness in Today’s World

My guest for this episode knows quite a fair bit about wellness as well as inner and outer beauty. Rachel Roberts, founder of Oyl and Water, talks about her personal mindfulness practices and how she incorporated it into her work. These mindfulness practices will help you manage stress and boost your vitality so that you can live out your purpose.

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How To Create Happy Children Through Their Guts

Struggling to get your kids to eat less sugar and healthier meals? It can be frustrating, but your children’s health depends on what they eat. Elissa Arnheim shares her experience plus some tips on raising a child with a healthy gut and amazing eating habits.

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How Your Daughter Can Teach You About Natural Skin Care

You‘ve been using skincare and personal care products, but do you know what they can do to your body? Dr. Anne Marie Fine, a practicing physician and founder of Fine Natural Products, talks about how skincare and personal care products can directly affect our hormones. If you want to make sure that the products you use are safe, listen to this episode.

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