The Certainty of Uncertainty; Mindfulness in Today’s World

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My guest for this episode knows quite a fair bit about wellness as well as inner and outer beauty. Rachel Roberts, founder of Oyl and Water, talks about her personal mindfulness practices and how she incorporated it into her work. These mindfulness practices will help you manage stress and boost your vitality so that you can live out your purpose.

Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode:

  •         Regardless of what you do in life, it is important to find your central axis of control so that you’re able to do your best work.
  •         When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be almost obsessed with your vision in order to keep it going. Without mindfulness or meditation practice, keeping the business going can be too much.
  •         If you’re stuck on a creative project or you’re not making sense of things, the best thing you can do is get up and walk away.
  •         The role of creatives is they connect new dots that no one has connected before. You have to be willing to take a risk and fail if you want to connect new dots and create new things.
  •         The most significant and meaningful result of a mindfulness practice is knowing the difference between reaction and response.
  •         Find the practice that gets you to your deepest sense of self. Whether it’s yoga, prayer, meditation, running, or mindfulness, we all have the ability to access that axis of control. That is your greatest tool that nobody can take away from you.

Check out these highlights:

  •         Rachel’s company, Oyl and Water, and why and how she brought mindfulness into it [00:04:00]
  •         How Rachel combined her passion with her business and the direction of her company [00:09:44]
  •         Rachel’s Mindful Marketing Matrix [00:17:43]
  •         Rachel’s approach to creating something new and innovative [00:20:45]
  •         How mindfulness practices help Rachel deal with stressful situations and uncertainty [00:23:43]

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