And I’m passionate about giving you the tools to achieve optimal health through real, balanced nutrition, finding the right, delicate balance of all those crazy hormones making you crazy, how to use food as your first medicine, and learn to prioritize life’s demands, putting yourself at the top of the list! It’s time that you reclaimed your health and your vivacity for life! You deserve it and the important people in your life will thank you for it!

Let’s face it. Life is complicated. Between juggling careers, parenting, marriages, finances, and relationships in a highly technical and judgmental world, life can be challenging and downright overwhelming! But… it doesn’t have to be. Finding your way back to your source, to a simpler life, getting grounded and getting real, will make your health flourish and keep you young!

Aging is inevitable, so let’s get busy living it to the fullest!


I grew up the middle child of a hard-working, conservative Catholic family, in small town Kentucky. We were a pretty normal, functionally dysfunctional, middle-class family.

There are a few things I wish I could do over though. I basically spent my life trying to please my parents and to be what I thought other people expected me to be. I never really felt like I “fit in” and I always felt a bit different than others. That made me wonder if there was something wrong with ME and if I needed to be more like THEM. Man, do I wish I would have embraced the fact I was different and unique and developed THAT voice. Instead, the voice in my head always told me I wasn’t good enough, I just needed to work harder to achieve my goals, and push myself to fit in.

Don’t get me wrong, this has served me well to an extent. It has helped me develop good work habits and to excel in school and other pursuits. I even began medical school at age 30, and 4 years later graduated with a 6 month old daughter on my hip! I have never exactly done things the easy way. But, that, is one of the things that makes me unique and I have embraced it!

Needless to say it has been a sometimes arduous and most definitely circuitous journey for me. And I am still a work in progress. After two babies and taking a hiatus from medicine, I had to take back my health and rebuild my career. By eliminating the bad stuff from my diet and adding in whole, healing, delicious foods combined with the right kind of exercise I was able to get in the best shape of my life at 40! And I am constantly learning and pursuing advanced medical training to provide my patients with the latest and most current treatments possible and to help them make sense of all the new medical information out there.

And one of my biggest passions is Food! Not that I’m a glutton or a celebrity foodie! I just absolutely love cooking it and learning about it and how our bodies use food to function (or cause dysfunction). It just makes total sense: we are what we digest. I love biochemistry. I love how the human body works. It is incredibly smart and powerful and when you give your body the right building blocks and environment, it will heal itself for the most part. Sometimes our bodies become too overwhelmed by all the insults and it can even turn on itself, but it never ceases to amaze me how our bodies can maintain and thrive in an incredibly complex ecosystem.

What I want my patients to know is that I am completely committed to helping you get back on track, create balance and harmony in your “ecosystem” and give you the tools to be beautiful and vibrant not only on the outside but really where it counts = the Inside!


In fact, I am living proof! It is never too late. It is not too late to take back your health, lose that baby weight, find your passion, reverse your diabetes, prevent chronic disease, improve your skin, push back the clock on aging and find true inner happiness. We are all in this together and it is my mission to help others achieve that true inner radiance that reflects brightly on the outside!

The Quick Facts:

I’m a doctor, a single mom, an anti-aging specialist, a functional medicine practitioner, an amatuer and aspiring chef, nutrition expert, personal trainer, deep thinker, and a fun-loving, outdoor kinda gal that loves spending time with my daughters, being free, traveling the world, and hoping to make a difference.

Some interesting (or odd) Facts About Me:

  • I like to eat my meals out of bowls
  • I adore wearing high heels
  • I talk to myself, out loud, a lot
  • I can’t sing a lick, but still secretly wish to be a rock star
  • I get choked up very easily, especially when I think about my favorite dog that died 9 years ago
  • I won an air band contest with my girlfriends in High School
  • I would rather be in the mountains than at the beach where I live (although that’s not so bad either)
  • I’m attempting yet another garden because I can’t keep anything alive
  • I have a hard time sitting still and prefer to be active outdoors


  • Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Marketing, University of Kentucky
  • Master’s of Science in Public Health, University of Kentucky
  • Doctorate Degree in Medicine, The George Washington University School of Medicine
  • Internal Medicine Internship, University of Florida, Shands, Jacksonville, FL
  • Radiology Residency, University of Florida, Shands, Jacksonville, FL
  • Florida licensed General Practitioner
  • Expert in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Restoring Gastrointestinal Equilibrium: Understanding, Assessing and Treating Gut Dysfunction, Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Comprehensive Botox and Dysport Training, Empire Medical Training
  • Comprehensive Dermal Fillers Training, Empire Medical Training
  • Advanced Aesthetics Workshop, Empire Medical Training
  • Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics for Primary Care, Empire Medical Training
  • Anti-Aging and Integrative Hormone Therapy for Primary Care, Empire Medical Training
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Training, Empire Medical Training
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Conference, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Cutera XEO Laser Training Certification, Cutera, Inc.
  • Bellafill (Artefill) Training Certification
  • Ultherapy Training Certification, Ulthera, Inc.
  • Professional training with other physician experts in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Training Workshop, Apex Biologix, Feb. 2016, PRP concentrating technique, Bone Marrow Stem Cell Harvesting and Bone Marrow Concentrate surgical technique for aesthetic and orthopedic procedures
  • 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Graduate of the Institute for Nutritional Leadership, Dr. Josh Axe
  • Health and Fitness Consultant, redefineFIT, Jacksonville, FL
  • Worked as an EMT in Emergency Medicine prior to medical school
  • Taught Physical Diagnosis to First and Second Year Medical students as a Fourth Year Medical Student
  • Published author: Reed DB, Cronin JS (2003) Health on the road: Issues faced by female truck drivers, American Association of Occupational Health Nurse Journal (AAOHN), vol. 51 (3): 120-125.
  • Personal Fitness Training Certification, AFAA
  • Expert in nutrition and skin care
  • Active advocate for children’s health at St. Paul’s Elementary School Wellness Warriors club that promotes improvements in health and wellness by instructing students on fitness and nutrition, K9’s for Warriors, Wounded Warrior Walk-a-Thon fundraiser, and 50 for Fran.




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