Mixing A Little Grace With Grit

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Your best years are ahead of you! It’s just a matter of choice. In this episode, I talk with Courtney Townley about grace and grit which she believes are essential to living a healthy life. Learn how you can apply Courtney’s philosophy on grace and grit to build a better relationship with your body and improve your quality of life.

Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode:

  •         Grace is about having self-compassion and self-respect. Grit is honoring that self-compassion and self-respect. Finding balance is essential.
  •         The most challenging part in our health journey is fighting habits that we’ve had for decades and establishing new ones. The solution is breaking them down small enough to be doable and being reasonable in your expectations.
  •         The linchpins to changing your health story are awareness and consistency.
  •         Self-discipline is an extension of self-love. Through self-discipline, you honor the things that our body needs to show up fully in the world and to support you.
  •         Action precedes motivation. Don’t wait for motivation to find you. Start taking action.

Check out these highlights:

  •        Courtney Townley’s journey into the wellness industry [00:03:08]
  •        What “grace” and “grit” mean for Courtney [00:07:36]
  •        The importance of sleep [00:12:31]
  •        Types of fitness that Courtney recommends for women [00:16:17]
  •       Aging as a woman [00:19:11]
  •        Overcoming overwhelm [00:23:08]

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