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“I had the fortune, in 2014, of being introduced to Dr. Jen Cronin and her accepting me as a patient. (She is my primary physician now). Not only was I thrilled with the results of the cosmetic procedures she performed on me (Ultherapy, IPL and Botox to name a few); she helped me tremendously with anti-aging and wellness. She turned me on to a food sensitivity test (ALCAT) and GI specialty testing, both of which fine-tuned my already clean diet further. I know quite a bit about nutrition, as a lay person, and can attest that Dr. Jen was very well informed in this area and incredibly helpful. Of the functional/anti-aging doctors I have used, she is the best. Unlike my experience of typical Drs. spending their 15 allotted minutes with patients and prescribing harmful pills, Dr. Jen spends the time it takes and looks at the whole picture of a person, not just symptoms. She takes a holistic/natural approach to wellness which modern medicine knows little about. Her bedside manner is impeccable. She is the best Doctor I have ever had. Also she has always been on time for appointments and I feel like she genuinely cares about my well-being. I have never felt better nor been in such good health and I owe a lot of this to her. I am a 61 year old in the body of a 46 year old (per her biological age assessment).  Thanks Doc!!”

Hal, age 61, Sawgrass, Real-Estate Developer and Professional Dancer

“I am so happy with my Botox, Fillers and IPL that Dr. Jen has done for me.  She takes the time to make sure every injection is perfect and I have NEVER had any bruising! It’s obvious in the way that she takes care of herself, that she’s meticulous in what she does and that carries over to her patients. That is what I tell everyone and why I keep going back to Dr. Jen.  I highly recommend her for all your cosmetic and anti-aging needs.”

Linda, age 41, Ponte Vedra

“I came to Dr. Jen to try some facial aesthetic procedures for the very first time in my life. And I can say, I was very pleased with the results of my Botox done by Dr. Jen. Even a plastic surgeon friend of mine in another country remarked on how well done my Botox treatment looked. Every time since she has delivered the same, great consistent results.  I have also had excellent outcomes with Laser Genesis, IPL and Ultherapy. I especially love the Laser Genesis treatments that make my skin look better before I even walk out of the office! Dr. Jen really knows what she is doing and explains things very well. I have not gotten the same time and attention to detail at other places I have gone for cosmetic treatments. And, after discussing my health concerns with Dr. Jen and wanting to feel better about preventing premature aging and chronic disease, I had a full anti-aging evaluation done. I have learned so much from the program I am now on! I didn’t realize that all the little things I was letting slide were really amounting to big problems down the road. I wasn’t feeling optimal and the numbers were evidence of that. Dr. Jen has helped me realize that just because I am a busy mother doesn’t mean that I should feel tired and stressed all the time! Thanks for getting me on the right track Dr. Jen!”

Susana, age 35, Jacksonville Beach

“After years of putting myself as a last priority, raising children as a single mom, working hard to provide for my family, I decided to make some changes and do some things for me. I had an Ultherapy Full Face and Neck Ultrasound Face-Lift in order to lift my sagging jowls and wrinkly neck that I saw every morning in the mirror. To me, I just looked so tired and felt so much older. About two months after my treatment, I had several people telling me that I look awesome (they are looking at my face when they say it).  A group of teachers that I work with but haven’t seen in awhile stopped me and told me I looked beautiful! I don’t get that very often:). Another friend remarked on how “fresh” I looked. I am very pleased with not only the results the Ultherapy treatment provided but what a difference it has made in my self-esteem and motivating me to do even more for myself! Thank you Dr. Jen for your wonderful skill and professionalism as well as my Fresh face!”

Nancy, age 54, Jacksonville

“I’m in love with my new jaw line definition and smooth neck thanks to Dr. Jen Cronin and the Ultherapy treatment! I was looking for a non-surgical way to get rid of the wrinkles on my neck when a friend introduced me to Dr. Jen. I would recommend Ultherapy to anyone. Actually I have. I recommended 2 of my friends that also had treatments and are extremely pleased with their results as well! We all get compliments on the smoothness of our face and neck. There was no downtime or pain with the recovery, which is extremely important because I am in sales. Thank you Dr. Jen!”

Terri, age 55, St. Augustine

“I am not a vain person by any stretch and have never done any type of cosmetic procedure on my face or skin besides going to the dermatologist for check-ups. I am fair skinned and try to stay out of the sun. I noticed that the things that were bothering me were the dark brown, sun spots that had popped up mostly on my hands and forearms, and a couple on my face. The brown spots were making me feel old. Dr. Jen was able to get rid of these spots with her IPL treatment. She is very knowledgeable but down to earth and great with her patients. I am very pleased with the results and will definitely go back to her for more treatments. In fact, I have referred several of my friends to her already!”

Mark, age 53, Atlantic Beach

“I have seen Dr. Jen since January 2014 after suffering from symptoms that included paresthesias, burning feet/hands/forearms, fatigue and depression following a virus 3 years ago. Prior to meeting with Dr. Jen, I had a medical workup that included extensive lab tests and neurological exams but without a definitive diagnosis. I heard about the Functional Medicine philosophy on FOX news and did some research.  I felt that getting to the root cause of the inflammation would benefit me. When I met with Dr. Jen, she gathered a history that took about 3.5 hours of face-to-face time. A plan was decided upon that included an anti-inflammatory diet and no gluten or dairy.  She provided sample menus to assist with diet changes.  She suggested that I adhere to a strict diet for a minimum of 3 months with supplements to heal the gut and re-evaluate as necessary.  I have been on the diet for 8 months now and my paresthesias, leg weakness, fatigue and burning skin have improved by 90%!

I have decreased the number of supplements to a multivitamin and a few other staple supplements for my condition. I was unsure how we were going to evaluate if this approach (diet/supplements) was truly making a difference. I didn’t put it together until Dr. Jen said that if my symptoms were continuing to improve by removing inflammatory foods and healing my gut with the necessary building blocks, that this was the indication that things were working!

I am sooo grateful to feel better and I thank God that he sent me to Dr. Jen. I am writing this from our mountain home where I can now return to hiking and the things that I love!”

Helen, age 64, Jacksonville

“I was looking for a professional to perform lip augmentation on me. I have really thin lips and wide cheeks. I needed help to balance it out.  A friend of mine recommended Dr. Jen Cronin. I decided to give it a try.  I couldn’t be happier! Her level of her professionalism and expertise completely blew me away! And, the fact that she was a kind and understanding person was definitely a bonus. She took her time examining my proportions and gave me an excellent recommendation on the appropriate size for me. My results were more than just satisfactory. My new look gave me the confidence that I craved.  I live in Tampa now. But I will definitely be driving back to Jacksonville for my yearly procedure. “

Darja, age 28, Jacksonville, FL


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