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Moms Raising Vibrant Children

Do you want to become a more confident and empowered mom? In this episode, Amanda Hinman and I talk about how to get out of overwhelm and create a healthy environment for our entire family. We also talk about the constant shifts that we can make to create a healthy and happy environment for our children.

How EMF’s are Affecting Our Kids’ Future Health

Do you realize that your cell phone and other gadgets you use affect your health? In this episode, I have a fascinating interview with Nic Pineault about EMFs — electromagnetic fields. The information you will glean from this interview is not meant to alarm you, but to help you protect yourself and your children.

It Really Sucks being a Divorced, Single Mom of 2 Daughters, a Female Entrepreneur in a world of “naysayers” and limp noodle friends, forging your own path all alone, and wondering what is it all for! We are living in a world of so much uncertainty, upheaval and stress that it makes you want to run and hide.  So how do you find Your Voice, Your Strength, Your Courage, when you grew up feeling like you didn’t matter and now this is the crappy life that you’ve created that resembles nothing of what you had dreamed of for yourself?

This is what I call, “Sitting on the edge of your potential.” A bystander in your own life. And you are looking at a life that, let’s face it, you hate. It feels like you are just surviving each day (doing what’s expected), when you want to be thriving, soaring, moving and shaking! Silent screams on the inside! “How can this be my life?!”  You are struggling and feeling “stuck” with no choices and no end in sight.  You want to make changes, BIG changes- in your health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, finances, relationships, career- but you don’t know where to start and how it will ever be different. And it seem like it’s just too difficult because you lack the support or knowledge on where to begin. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is entirely possible – no matter what your age is, your weight is, your life circumstances are- to start making SIMPLE CHANGES that will result in EXTRAORDINARY breakthroughs! Why? Because I’m living proof that if you pick your ass up, one day at a time, and keep showing up- for YOU, for your kids, for a better life, things have to change.  Period. And then you find yourself some genuine damn friends that truly have your back. You find your (overused word) TRIBE and that sisterhood of women who actually “get it” that we need to support one another instead of tearing each other down. You find those women who fight like hell, love like mad, and are fiercely determined to live a freaking amazing life! No matter what shit has been told to us in the past, making us believe we weren’t GOOD ENOUGH. That was then, THIS is YOUR Now!

I’m not saying that it is going to easy, sister.  BUT, if staying where you are is more painful than slashing through your fears and figuring out a new way of doing things, then YOU are ready to create that life that has been eluding you. And you don’t have to do it alone! Asking for help is ACTUALLY a sign of strength! And, that’s why I’ve shown up for you now as you are reading this…

Hi. I’m Dr. Jen. It is my passion and life’s mission to ignite hope, healing, and health in women, single moms, and female entrepreneurs that are struggling to find their way. Your plate is full (overflowing in fact) and it’s time to lighten the load. I want to help you unload the burdens and baggage that are not serving you and to give you Effective, Step-by-Step Solutions to create REAL and LASTING changes in ALL areas of your Health.  I believe in challenging the conventional ways of thinking and, honestly, getting back to basics when it comes to our health and the way we live on a day-to-day basis. It’s called Lifestyle Medicine and it not only makes intuitive sense, it is backed by years of science. Let’s do those things that nourish our bodies, move our bodies and uplift our perceptions and mindset.

It’s not so much about transformation, in my book, as it is about actually ALLOWING yourself to show up as the person you have always been. We all get bombarded from early on, from many sources, that cause us to suppress our true selves and silence our authentic voices. Before we know it, we are living a life that serves others expectations but has essentially abandoned our own hopes and dreams for our own lives. I know, because I’ve been there. For the greater period of my life. So, I’m here to say, that it’s entirely possible to overcome fears and beliefs that don’t serve you to create the most mind-blowing, show-stopping life that is even beyond YOUR wildest dreams!

As a Functional Medicine physician and Lifestyle Medicine expert, I deeply believe in getting to the root cause of problems. And it’s not just about what is on your plate. It’s soul level shit. It’s the REAL stuff that is holding you back. Dig deep and then dig deeper. Find the Solutions that resonate with YOU and then get busy Raising Your Health!

So, if your goals are to:


#2 Find Harmony Between Being a Great Mom and a Rockstar Entrepreneur (and dump the B.S. and Guilt!)

  • Find fitness solutions that really help you lose weight and build lean muscle for the long-term
  • Find a more natural, “root-cause” approach for creating health and true healing
  • Discover an anti-inflammatory, optimal nutrition plan and make it a lifestyle that evolves as you do
  • Empower yourself to show up in your life with passion, purpose and confidence despite what others expect
  • Live agelessly with gratitude, resilience and vitality 
  • Create a mindset of radical self-love that allows you to give the world the best you
  • Find a community where you feel truly supported to be your amazing and unique self

If You Are A Strong, And Fiercely Independent Woman(and I know you are) Who Wants More, Then Join the Fam Today!

And, in the mean time- Get Your Ass Moving Daily (it’s good for your mood too!) Here With My FREE 21 Day Peak Fitness Challenge 

“If you want to change your life, begin by changing your words. Start speaking the words of your dreams, of who you want to become, not the words of fear and failure” -by Robert Kiyosaki

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